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MWKA offers karate programs that successfully enhance the student’s learning capabilities through small classes and private instruction.  Rather than trying to coordinate the minds and abilities of 30 to 50 different students, MWKA focuses on the individual by providing an appropriate teacher to student ratio.  These classes will allow the student to learn at a quicker and more thorough pace within a safe and comfortable environment.  In other words, the instructors are able to tailor each lesson to fit the student’s individual needs.  Thus, the student taking classes through MWKA is able to learn much more material in a shorter amount of time than those who attend larger group sessions.

Whether you are looking to take traditional or competition sport karate lessons, MWKA offers both.  Each student, with instructor’s permission, has the ability to be promoted to a new rank through belt examinations—held twice a year. In addition, each student, with instructor’s permission, is able to compete in numerous tournaments that are local, state, regional, national and even international competitions.  Those students who are selected to represent MWKA in various tournaments will become members of the MWKA Competition Team and must attend Team workout sessions.

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