Martial Arts & Fitness Programs

Karate Program:
MWKA teaches Shotokan Karate, which for decades has been the world’s most popular style of Karate. Open to ages 6 and up. Learn self defense, develop confidence, achieve weight loss, and improve strength. Join our family of National and World Champion Karate athletes!

A traditional white gi (top & bottom) and a karate belt must be worn in the dojo. All Intermediate and Advanced Karate students must wear their sparring equipment in class when participating in kumite drills.


Karate Belt Rank Description
The following below  is a breakdown of our karate classes, which are organized by individual ranks. With Instructor’s permission, students are eligible to test up to twice a year for a new belt rank when they meet and/or exceed the required expectations outlined in the MWKA Belt Testing Program.

a)    Beginner Karate Classes         =  White Belts (10th Kyu) – Yellow Belts (8th Kyu)

b)    Intermediate Karate Classes   =   Blue Belts (7th Kyu) – Low Purple Belts (5th Kyu)

c)    Advance Karate Classes         =   High Purple Belts (4th Kyu) – Black Belts (Sho-dan & Higher)


Cardio Kickboxing Program:
MWKA offers Cardio Kickboxing classes. Gear up and battle your way through rounds of high energy workouts developed to achieve weight loss. Open to ages 12 and up. Punching, kicking, elbowing, and knee striking are permitted! Boxing gloves are required.


Self Defense Program:
MWKA offers Self Defense classes that will show you how to recognize, avoid, and defend yourself against potential threats. Learn attackers and their patterns. Develop your body’s natural weapons through physical drills and role-playing scenarios. Open to ages 12 and up!


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