Our Philosophy & Mission

For many decades, the karate world has been pre-occupied with politics, money, and power.  A majority of the people seem interested in doing karate for many other reasons than its original intention—the passion to understand and unite the mind, body, and spirit through self-discipline.  Karate is simply more than a ‘spectacle of kicks and punches,’ and it is much more than a method to create a ‘fighter’ or ‘human weapon.’  Karate is truly a life-long study to understand one’s self (mind, body, and spirit) and how it interacts with the surrounding environment.  MidWest Karate-Do Association’s philosophy is to create a new future and/or path for those that are willing to learn karate.  This philosophy is neither fueled by greed or power, but rather by passion to aid in the development of others.   It has been said that it is possible for one candle to be lit; however, more candles may be lit at one time by the same hand if willing.  Hence, the true meaning of success lies in the success of others through proper training and guidance.  For this reason alone, MidWest Karate-Do Association was founded.  Thus, our mission is to enrich and awaken the individual’s mind, body, and spirit through the study of karate.  Below is a list of rules created to help guide us with our mission.  These rules inevitably make up our Dojo Kun—a Japanese term meaning ‘training hall’ or ‘dojo rules.’


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